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Love to Win or Hate to Lose

Love to win or hate to lose? I’ve heard sports psychologists pose this question, and overwhelmingly the answer they get is; We hate to lose. We all hate to lose. We don’t want to be defined as a loser. Especially in a world that seems to value “likes” more than accomplishments. But is that a healthy outlook? Is that a mindset that will inspire growth? If we think historically, the words most associated with hate are; fear and ignorance. Viewing life through that lens can have us gripping a little too tight, and severely limit our ability to get the best out of ourselves. Losing is transactional, focused solely on the end game, and how we will be perceived. That’s pretty myopic if you ask me. Conversely, the love of winning is more focused on the process than the finish line. Words more associated with love are; gratitude, empathy and community. They evoke a culture of collaboration, growth and the thought of team before self. At this moment, all over the world, we are seeing the importance of embracing daily improvements, and how team over self can be an important strategy in overcoming obstacles. If we view our lives, our sports and our relationships through a lens of “loving to win”, we can embrace growth over results. That can take some patience, but in the long run, it can be a much healthier and more satisfying strategy. Stay safe, healthy and happy, John Baldwin Mental Conditioning Coach Headstrong Performance Training

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