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For years scientists and sociologists have debated “nature vs nurture”

when discussing the realization of human potential. But I think there is

room for another consideration; “Narrative”.

In a recent interview, USC Dean of Religious Life, Varun Soni explains;

“There is definitely merit to both nature and nurture but they are not very

empowering in terms of personal identity formation. An individual has no

say in his or her genetic make up, or who they were born to, or the

environment they were raised in. They do however have control over their

narrative”. In fact, we all become the story we tell ourselves. Our internal

story can be positive, and help build self confidence, or negative and build

anxiety and self doubt.

This is why positive self talk is so important, and that positive self talk can

best be accomplished through a daily mindfulness practice. We need to be

where our feet are to fully appreciate where we are going. In other words;

we need to be fully present, focused and engaged in our activities, to give

our best effort. It is through that effort that we see personal fulfillment and

self confidence grow.

Personal narrative, being present, and positive self talk are now part of

mainstream training for top athletes and business executives. The story we

tell ourselves can be one of the most powerful tools in our kit, to build self

confidence and help us become the best version of ourselves.

Start each day with one deep breath. Take the time to be where your feet

are! Practice gratitude and fostering a positive mindset. Focus on the

good things in your life.

Stay safe, healthy and happy!

John Baldwin

Mental Conditioning Coach

Headstrong Performance Training.

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